...but What I do have
is a very particular set of
design skills


I can provide an experienced insight into how modern and emerging technologies have changed the way consumers buy from and communicate with businesses.

Talking with you on a level you understand we can explore how the Internet, social media and mobile technologies can be used to better meet your customer’s expectations, sell products and services online, and receive valuable recommendations.

Web Design

I can design refreshing websites that engage with your customers, provides them with easy access to your services and an extra avenue of income for you.

Whether you need a small informational website for communicating your services or an ecommerce store that could open your business to international customers I can help. Using well known platforms such as WordPress, Woocommerce and Magento, the latest web specifications in HTML, CSS and Script, and professional coding, I can make you a solid website which will perform across different technologies.


I can create branding that conveys the principals and personality of your businesses letting your customers know your values and allowing them to place trust in you.

Branding crosses all other areas covered here and is the most important in attracting custoetomers. Poor branding can give your customers the wrong impression, making your business look cheap, fraudulent or inappropriate, all guaranteed to turn customers away. By understanding your core values, ethics and your target audience we can work together to make the perfect fit for your business.

Graphic Design

I can produce graphics for both print and screen perfect for reproducing your brand across all types of media and for all types of purposes.

Let the world know who you are with graphics for print including posters, flyers, business cards and magazine spreads, or with graphics for the screen including web banner adverts, social media graphics, competition graphics, website graphics and video graphics.


I can manage your online marketing campaigns that can open you up to a worldwide audience and help bring new customers to your website.

Online marketing campaigns including Emails Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), SMM (Social Media Marketting) and Online reviews can play a powerful part in brand recognition, bringing people to your site and making sales. This works by targeting potential customers, reinforcing the trust in your brand with quality reviews and making your products available on platforms such as Google Shopping.